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*Volunteers Needed

"There is no "I" in Team, but we sure are glad there is "U" in our Volunteers!"

Thank you to those who have signed up to be volunteers!

We still have plenty of spots left to fill for this Friday's home opener at Braves Field.

*Clean up crew

*Coffee Runner


*Pizza and Nachos

Click on the link below~ you'll receive an email with more specific instructions .

*Wanted - Team Meal Helper

Looking for a Volunteer every Friday from 3:30-4:30

Duties include: picking up sub trays and delivering to cafeteria

Set up and clean up before games

*Braves Schedule

This Friday Sept 2nd at 7pm!

Wear your Cherry and Grey and support our Braves!

*Shout Outs!

A big SHOUT OUT to some wonderful volunteers who took the drive to Camp Stella Marris to help another year for Mad Dog Camp!

Margaret Urlacher Greg Urlacher Todd Comella Cat Francese Mark Francese Julie DeRue Kara Tanoory Jason Tanoory Erin Williamee Chris Williamee

*Thank you Sponsor

This week's team meal is sponsored by:

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