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CA Braves Three-Peat!

Congratulations on winning the Section V Class A2 Sectionals!

But we aren’t done yet!

Some teams never make it to the final round of sectionals. This year, the Canandaigua Braves football team competed and won for a third time!

This is an amazing accomplishment for each and every player on the team and one we should all celebrate!

The Braves head to the State Qualifier against U Prep on Friday, November 12th at Webster Schroeder. The game is again being broadcast on Spectrum Cable.

Kickoff is at 7pm

Tickets are $5

Wear your Braves gear or cherry and grey to Friday’s game.

Bring those pompoms, foam fingers and light sticks to Friday’s game!

Thank you for the community support!

This week has shown all of us what a special community that we live in. From The bear on Main Street wearing a CA Football jersey, to the newly decorated barn on County Road #4.

We love Canandaigua!

County Road #4, Canandaigua. #72 Lammers

473 North Main Street, Canandaigua. # MarafiotiLawFirm #Marafioti

Nolan’s Player of The Week -

Jack Lammers

Jack Lammers is a Junior offensive and defensive linemen. He has been fully committed to this program since he moved to Canandaigua his freshman year. In-season and in the off-season his dedication is unwavering, and he is always willing to do what’s best for the team.

Thanks to the Canandaigua Academy and Police

Thank you to the leaders at the Academy for helping make the celebration parade happen!

Also thank you to the Canandaigua Police for their escort and lights as the buses and fans drove up Main Street.

Game Photos

Informal Team Dinner

Thank you to David and Carrie Platten for hosting an unofficial celebratory dinner on Saturday night. Though all the Varsity players couldn’t attend, those that were able had a wonderful time.

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