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Special Edition- Sectionals!

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Our CA Braves have advanced to the Class A Semifinals. CA will play Spencerport this Saturday at 7pm at Braves Field. Watch LIVE right from the website


Nolan's Teammate of the week 4/19-Tre Lloyd

Tre Lloyd is a senior TE/LB who has grown up in the Canandaigua football program. He has shown years of dedication and commitment, and loves being part of the team. His teammates enjoy his sense of humor and ability to get along with everyone.

Nolan's Teammate of the week 4/7 -Max Libby

Max Libby is a senior DL/OL. His enthusiasm and love of football is admired and contagious within the team. He give great effort and will do anything to help the team succeed.

Photo Galleries from 4/19 Varsity Game~

Kari Nieman and Dianna Hart.

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